When one thinks of rock and metal, they might not immediately think of board games. Yet, wouldn't you know it, many rock and metal bands have made their own official board games.

And they run the gamut. For example, you could play a historical war game from power metal lords Sabaton, or you could play an esoteric tabletop concoction from indie rock darlings The Decemberists.

The list goes on. Were The Beatles the first rock band with their own board game? Did you know there's a Metallica version of Clue? And that's not all.

For brevity, we'll steer clear of various band-branded Monopoly games. (There are a lot — we'll save it for another time!) We also aren't including rock-themed games generically about being in a band, or those about the genre as a whole. But even beyond those, there are plenty based solely on a rock or metal artist.

Iron Maiden, KISS — to mention a further two — and several others also have board games. And they're not just a boon for the players. Games give the band in question a licensing gain beyond everyday merchandise. So it's no wonder they've entered the board game category.

Have you ever played a board game themed after one of your favorite bands? We've compiled a bunch that would be a great way to waste an afternoon. Get ready to rock — and game!

Scroll down to see some rock and metal bands with board games.

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