In 1990, South African director Richard Stanley created 'Hardware,' a dystopian science fiction movie about an apocalyptic future in which a scavenger brings home pieces of a cyborg for his metal sculptor girlfriend. But once the skull surfaces, the robot reassembles itself, then runs amok, 'Terminator'-style.

The movie, which starred Dylan McDermott as the man who starts the evil gears turning, features cameos by Iggy Pop as radio DJ Angry Bob and Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister as a chatty taxi driver.

In a recent clip to promote the Oct. 13 DVD re-release of the movie, Lemmy recreates his cabbie cameo and as he's recalling nostalgic memories to a tough, sexy leather-clad passenger. After talking to her about the government seeker war druids that have devastated the nation, Lemmy blurts, "You like music? Check these guys out." Then he cranks the car stereo knob as Motorhead's 'Rock Out' blasts from the speakers and a collage of clips from the film splash across the screen.

'Hardware' is just one of 13 or so films Kilmister has guested in over the years. "Doing movies is a good laugh, and it gets the face around," Kilmister tells Noisecreep. "There's quite a funny one I did [in 2005], an independent movie called 'The Curse of El Charro,' and they typecast me as the f---ing devil. That was a good laugh, that one."

Since 1983, Stanley has directed 11 movies, including the artsy 1992 cult-horror flick 'Dust Devil' and 'The White Darkness,' a 2002 documentary about voodoo rituals in modern day Haiti. He has also shot music videos for Fields of the Nephilim and Marillion.

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