If you've been waiting to see Mötley Crüe's highly-hyped Super Bowl commercial, wait no longer. See what happens when Mr. Sandman accidentally sprinkles just a little too much wish dust on a snoozing husband and watch his dreams explode with a mishmosh of male fantasies, which apparently involve scantily clad supermodel Adriana Lima, a manly cameo from MMA's Chuck Lidell, more scantily clad model-types, a giant sandwich and Mötley Crüe performing 'Kickstart My Heart.'

And, of course, the lead gent is riding around a race-track in a Kia Optima while the Crüe performs in the center, with Vince Neil giving him a personal encouraging point, as in, "Yes, dude. You are really, really cool." The whole race-track theme seems to rip directly from the original 'Kickstart My Heart,' if you remember, it was brimming with adrenaline, testosterone and NASCAR exhaust.

Thoughts? Is this cliché pandering or tongue-in-cheek critque? Do you think all women dream of rainbows and stead-riding "studs" in billowing white pirate-shirts while men dream of race cars and bikini'ed babes? There's a kicker at the end that we won't ruin for you, but you let us know if you think it "breaks through" any gender stereotypes.

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Watch Mötley Crüe's 'Kickstart My Heart' Video

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