Fresh out of New York City comes the hard rocking upstarts Mother, and Noisecreep has teamed with the band to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new lyric video for 'Dying Day.'

The four-piece immediately grab you with the hard rocking guitar work of Mike Gowen and Nick Fargo, with some driving bass from Johnny Bass and solid percussion from Marshall Castaneda. Fargo also delivers some powerful vocal work, which really kicks in with the chorus, "Time is out of my hands / Flying away / We can grasp for more / When it's your dying day."

The band's producer Dave Caggiano told Noisecreep, "‘Dying Day’ comes at you like a freight train that's about to derail. A cacophony of driving drums, thundering lows, ear splitting guitars, and soaring vocals that will leave the listener desperate for another taste. The perfect door opener for the roller coaster ride of blistering hard rock that Mother's EP, ‘A New Life,' provides."

Speaking of that EP, 'A New Life' is due to drop on March 14. If you like what you hear in the video above, be sure to pre-order the disc at this location.

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