Not only do the space rockers Monster Magnet have the new stoned-out opus 'Mastermind' set to be released Oct. 26, but now we have been graced with a new video for the song 'Gods and Punks.' All feels right with the world. We are ecstatic to deliver first view.

Frontman Dave Wyndorff described the video's crux to Noisecreep, admitting that the clip is great because the "savvy take on life in the 'me, me, me' 21st century by way of the superhero metaphor is nothing less than genius." He credited director Nathan Cox adding, "I stand in awe."


The evil mastermind is left jobless, slouching and begging to all passersby on the street. Sure a hefty message is packed on the powering song, but as is expected with any Monster Magnet video, there is a lot to laugh about. Keep an eye out for the great and bloody implosion.

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