Boston's Mongrel released 'Bored to Death,' the gritty, working class-friendly first single from their upcoming album, 'This Means War.' "Mongrel is in fact a mixed breed so far as our influences which range from punk to hard rock to grunge to metal," guitarist Adam Savage told Noisecreep.

"'Bored to Death' shows more of our hard rock/punk influences, more of our Guns N' Roses, Dead Boys, Rocket From the Tombs, the Bronx influences are definitely show here. It's a pretty straight ahead, driving rock tune about being stuck in a vicious cycle, a negative situation and realizing the frustration and lunacy of it and realizing that you need to make a change for yourself and get out of it. I think that's something most of us can relate to at some point in our lives be it a job, a relationship."

Listen to 'Bored to Death'

Despite being armed with a new album, the band recently split with Screaming Ferret Wreckords in the fall, after releasing the five-song 'Revenge' EP. It was an amicable break up, so said Savage. "We still feel good about the decision. It was a scenario where both sides felt it would be more beneficial to go our separate ways, but we're still good friends with the head of the label so there's no bad blood there," Savage said. "I think the strength of the songs on this disc, the better recordings we got this time around, the positive response we got on Music Choice and Sirius/XM with our 'Revenge' EP and our willingness to work hard and pull our weight no matter the situation will help us find the right home for the new CD."

Savage and Mongrel aren't jaded about being label-less. In fact, they're prepared for any situation. "Worst case scenario we'll go back to how we started before we had our last album picked up and put the album out ourselves. In this day and age with the new model of the music industry it's certainly not impossible to do it well that way," Savage said.

Mongrel also parted ways with their drummer and are seeking a replacement so if you've got the skills to sit behind their kit, you can apply for the job by contacting the band at one of the following means: or at their MySpace. Things are going rather well on that front, "thanks to our friends on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, we have gotten some good early responses," Savage said. "We are still certainly accepting applications, but I'm sure it won't be long 'til we have a full time member in place. Right now the focus is on getting some fill-in people in place to cover our more immediate upcoming shows."

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