Former Dream Theater and current Winery Dogs drummer Mike Portnoy doesn't ask a lot of fans. He wants you to enjoy the music he makes. He is very generous with his time, often communicating online with fans and making himself available in the social media space. However, he's calling in a favor, which he is well within his rights to do.

He wants you, dear fan, to legally purchase the Winery Dogs' new, self-titled album, which landed at retail on July 23.

He posted this note on Facebook, pulling no punches with his plea.

I rarely ask for favors, but I'm gonna cash one in now...I know a lot of you already have the Winery Dogs album (either from Japanese import or illegal download)...if you really want to show your support for this band, it would mean a lot to us if you picked up the official US release that came out this week...let the label, the promoters & the industry (who really look at sales numbers) know that you support this band!!! Thanks for all the love! : )

He asked nicely. He has a point. Now why don't you oblige him and do the favor that he asked, since the support helps artists continue to do what they do.

The Winery Dogs make classic-sounding hard rock. If that's your preferred sound and genre, then the spend on the album, out via Loud & Proud, is totally worth your coin.

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