Roland recently produced and released a video of Richie Kotzen showing off the unique features of Roland’s new CUBE Lite miniature guitar amp. It’s a 10-watt guitar practice amp with 2.1 stereo sound, built-in effects, and a new CUBE JAM feature that lets anyone learn and play along with any song.

In the video, Kotzen, who’s played with top rock acts Poison, Mr. Big, and the Winery Dogs, demonstrates the clean, dirty and lead channels on the amp. He also shows off the amp’s built-in reverb and chorus.

The CUBE Lite pulls double-duty, letting anyone listen to music through an iPhone, iPad, or through the headphone jack of any other digital music player. And with its compact size, it should fit nicely into any room.

In the video, Kotzen shows how he uses the amp and his iPhone to learn songs before he goes on tour. This is where the CUBE Lite’s CUBE JAM feature takes center stage. Working with a free iPhone or iPad app, people can play along with any song in their iTunes library. The amp allows users to pick out parts of songs that are complicated or fast, then loop and slow down the part of the song, making hard riffs and solos easy to learn. The app also makes it possible for people to cut vocals or guitar parts out of songs, as well as record themselves playing along.

Kotzen’s been honing his chops getting ready to head out on a worldwide tour with power trio the Winery Dogs. Their new self-titled album hit the shelves today (July 23). To see if they’re playing near you, check their website.

Billy Steele at Engadget got a look at the CUBE Lite when Roland debuted it during Winter NAMM 2013. In his video, he shows the back of the amp up close and gives another rundown on how it works.

Roland’s CUBE Lite is available in three colors: black, white and red.

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