Were he feeling litigious, Michael Anthony might have a case against his former Van Halen cohorts. Next week, the group drops 'A Different Kind of Truth,' an album largely built from unreleased '70s material. Back in the day, the band had a policy of crediting all four members equally, Blabbermouth.net reports, so in theory, the bassist could lay claim to some songwriting royalties.

Speaking with the U.K. digital radio station Planet Rock, however, Anthony said he won't lawyer up and go after a piece of the action.

"I don't want to do anything," he said. "I just let it be."

"And, hey, it'll be nice to hear some of those old songs again that I haven't played in a long time," he added.

Anthony -- who founded the supergroup Chickenfoot after being replaced in 2006 by guitarist Eddie Van Halen's teenage son Wolfgang -- said he's especially looking forward to hearing the track 'She's the Woman,' which was written before he joined in 1974.

'A Different Kind of Truth,' Roth's first album with the band in 28 years, drops Feb. 7.

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