A lot of 'Metalocalypse' viewers might not realize how serious of a guitar player series creator Brendon Small really is. He admits to geeking out over the new Dethklok Thunderhorse Explorer guitar from Gibson -- a limited-edition piece that will be available for purchase. The axe is patterned after the animated band's lead guitarist's weapon of choice. It features a gloss silverburst finish with cream top and fingerboard binding. It is also decked out with chrome hardware. Fancy pants, right? If you're interested in purchasing it, you can find a list of reatilers carrying the guitar.

But Small isn't looking for any sort of approval from anyone, and he isn't expecting the release of the guitar to affect anyone's thinking about the music he writes for the show. He's also not looking to be taken seriously by anyone.

"I don't know if it will do anything like that," he said about a signature guitar's ability to make people understand the seriousness cartoon's music. "It's just simply cool. No thought beyond that has gone into it. I am a big fan of guitars and have been playing for 20 years.

"Tthe coolest thing you can do in your career is have a signature guitar after playing for 20 years. I don't need anyone to take anything seriously. We are joking with the show and music. For guitar playing, I sit there like a zombie practicing scales every morning before working on scripts or editing or voices I do for the show. I enjoy it."

Small personally loves Gibson guitars, so this signature model is a dream come true for him. "I love the Explorer shape, and it's a good guitar to play live," Small said. "It's well-balanced, the tone is good. I can play death metal to Jeff Beck to classic rock on it, and it sounds right."

Small also proudly admitted to being such a guitar geek that he can clear a room from "nerding out so hard on guitars. I can bore people."

Small is also working on a solo project under his name that will include the Dethklok rhythm section. Expect more news on that shortly.