Things continue to heat up for Dethklok and the Metalocalypse universe. Now, the band has announced a headlining appearance at this year's Adult Swim Festival Block Party, marking their first live performance in three years.

The festival will be held from Aug. 5 through Aug. 7 at The Fillmore, The Foundry, Punch Line and Brooklyn Bowl, all in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Dethklok tapped as the headliner for the first night, while Run the Jewels and Tierra Whack will close out the remaining two days.

Dethklok, led by Metalocalypse visionary Brendon Small, who takes the role of vocalist and guitarist in the live incarnation of the group, have only performed two shows since 2012 — one in 2014 and another in 2019, the latter also being an Adult Swim Fest gig. With a new Metalocalypse movie in the works as well as new music from Dethklok, per drummer Gene Hoglan earlier this year, perhaps this will see the band hit the stage with more regularity in the near future.

For ticketing and more information about the Adult Swim Festival, head here.

See Dethklok's live band lineup further below, as well as the setlist from their 2019 show.

Deathklok Lineup

Brendon Small: guitar, vocals
Gene Hoglan: drums
Nili Brosh: guitar
Pete Griffin: bass

Dethklok Setlist — Nov. 15, 2019 (via

01. "Deththeme
02. "Briefcase Full of Guts
03. "Birthday Dethday
04. "Awaken
05. "Bloodlines
06. "The Gears
07. "Black Fire Upon Us
08. "Dethsupport
09. "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
10. "Impeach God"
11. "Comet Song"
12. "Andromeda"
13. "I Ejaculate Fire"
14. "The Duel"
15. "Murmaider"
16. "Thunderhorse"

17. "Castratikron"
18. "Go Into the Water"
19. "Fansong"

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