It's back! Metal Blade will be issuing the long overdue Metal Massacre 14, the first installment in the legendary compilation series since 2006. The compilation has a storied history, helping break bands like Metallica, Overkill and Slayer as well as giving those in the underground a major spotlight. The release will be out April 8 and features a track listing curated by Primordial frontman Alan 'Nemtheanga' Averill.

Averill has close ties to the compilation series, having previously discussed his admiration for Cirith Ungol's King of the Dead album in a conversation with Metal Blade founder and CEO Brian Slagel. Selecting all 13 tracks that will grace Metal Massacre 14, Averill gives a quick history lesson, stating, "Metal Massacre is an institution that has been dormant for far too long. It served as a vital first step for many bands who are far too numerous to mention back in the early '80s. For fans, it was often the first time engaging with many of these acts, some of whom went on to become household names — some of course didn't, but the rough and ready underground character of Metal Massacre is what set it apart from other compilations back in the day."

Talking about his inspiration for deciding on what bands to include, he added, "Those old recordings captured the vitality and energy of the time: all analog hiss, rattling drums, roaring bass and feed-backing solos... No pro tools compression, cut and paste editing or triggered drums back then. You set the tape rolling and then played for your life.
It was in this spirit that I went about compiling a new Metal Massacre with an old school mindset."

Traditional metal and doom are well represented with bands like Assassin's Blade, Stone Dagger (comprised of three members of traditional metal outfit Magic Circle) and Crypt Sermon, Metal Massacre 14 speaks to the iron will of metal acts at every tier. Averill admitted, "You probably won't be listening to the next Metallica, but what is important is that this spirit does not die and that Metal Blade still supports this underground, underdog ethos."

Click here to pre-order Metal Massacre 14 and listen to a sample of each track in the video below.

Metal Massacre 14 Sampler

Metal Massacre 14 Track Listing

1. Metalian, "The Traveler"
2. Noctum, "Until Then Until the End"
3. Gatekeeper, "Bell of Tarantia"
4. Assassin's Blade, "The Demented Force"
5. Cobra, "Denim Attack"
6. Stone Dagger, "The Siege Of Jerusalem"
7. Crypt Sermon, "Will of the Ancient Call"
8. Savage Master, "The Ripper in Black"
9. Outcast, "No Tomorrow"
10. Corsair, "Brothers"
11. Walpyrgus, "Cold Cold Ground"*
12. Visigoth, "Final Spell"*
13. Ravencult, "Into Depths"*
* Bonus track

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