Last year, Kittie revealed that they had planned to create a documentary reflecting on their 20 years as a band. The proposed video would also included many of the members who had joined sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander over the years. Not long after, a crowdfunding campaign was launched and met with massive success, shattering the initial goal of $20,000 Canadian dollars. With the fundraising met, Kittie have checked in with an update from director / writer / editor Rob McCallum.

In the clip above, McCallum reveals that the documentary is currently in production and that they are still shooting some of the interviews they intend to include in the film. The director also reveals a bit about how a typical documentary becomes more viable to backers when it clocks in at 90 minutes, but that is not necessarily something that will happen with the Kittie documentary as there are hundreds of hours to sift through and he wants to tell the story as best as he can. It should be noted that McCallum reveals an initial rough cut clocked in at four hours, and there's still footage to be added and shot before he starts cutting down.

The director reveals that he envisions the documentary being broken into two parts -- one dedicated to the first ten years of the band and the second focused on the latter era. As such, the film has the current title Kittie: Origins / Evolutions.

In addition to the McCallum's update, a clip from the rough cut was added to the video above. In it, you'll find guitarist Fallon Bowman discussing her introduction to the band with commentary from Morgan and Mercedes Lander as well. We'll keep you up to date when the documentary is completed.

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