The music video can be an interesting art form when the extra effort is made, and John 5 and the Creatures went to great lengths to deliver a new video for their instrumental track "Making Monsters."

As you can see in the clip above, the story centers on a young boy who is a fan of horror movies who builds models of some classic movie monsters, but when he leaves his work space at night, those monsters come to life (including a mini John 5, who leads a monster band with the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein).

The stop motion video came together with the help of directors Matt Zane and Coffin Cases founder Johnny Coffin. John 5 tells Guitar World, who premiered the video, "This video took six months or more to make, because there's so much going on in it."

The guitarist says the primary inspiration for the clip was Merion C. Cooper, who directed the original King Kong film in 1933 and pioneered stop motion animation. "I wanted to pay homage to Cooper for that, but the other big reason this is dedicated to Cooper is that he was such an inspiring guy in so many other ways. He was a war hero from World War I. He'd walk up to tigers in the wild and film them, with no fear. In King Kong's famous finale, Cooper was actually in one of the planes filmed buzzing around the Empire State building. He was a movie director. He was an adventurer who could do just about anything. In other words, Merion Cooper was the real Indiana Jones."

As for the "Making Monsters" song, it's a blistering rocker featuring some slick guitar work from John 5 and killer backing from bassist Ian Ross and drummer Rodger Carter. The trio recorded the song at the Doghouse Studio and have made it available via iTunes. You can also catch John 5 and the Creatures on tour this month, with dates starting March 4 in Westland, Mich., and running through March 20 in Londonberry, N.H. See the dates here.