In This Moment shared the cover art for their new album, Blood, which drops Aug. 14. It features lovely and talented singer Maria Brink, surrounded by masked, naked women covered in white paint. It's a creepy contrast to the sanguine image sparked by the album title. The band also shared the track listing, which is as follows: "Rise With Me," "Blood," "Adrenalize," "Whore," "'You're Gonna Listen," "It Is Written," "Burn," "Scarlet," "Aries," "From the Ashes," "Beast Within," "Comanche," "The Blood Legion" and "11_11." [Century Media]

Ever wonder what your favorite rockers did to earn a living and for income before they became famous? Well, you can find out how headbangers toiled to make a wage, thanks to our research-oriented pals at Loudwire. Find out the gory details on the yucky, pre-fame gigs of Kurt Cobain (it was custodial), Ozzy Osbourne (he had a few icky yet separate jobs involving toilets and animals) and more. It's a hilarious read, and next time you think you hate your shitty job, remember that your favorite rock star may have been in the same boat at one point. [Loudwire]

A "Save the Date"-style graphic announcing the New York City edition of Revelation Records' 25th anniversary has been circulating across social-media networks. It features the label logo with an "X" in it, a symbol long associated with many New York hardcore acts. The celebration apparently runs Oct. 11 through Oct. 14, and Irving Plaza is named as the venue. No bands or other details were posted. The Los Angeles-area anniversary shows featured Quicksand and Chain of Strength, but we're thinking the East Coast edition will blow the roof off, given that NYC is the hardcore genre's country seat, despite the fact that Rev is based on the Left Coast. We will anxiously await more details. [Brooklyn Vegan]

Metal Blade will release classic albums from the Rise Above Records catalog throughout the summer. Albums on the deck for release include Witchcraft's Witchcraft, Firewood and The Alchemist, all of which drop on July 17. On July 31, the self-titled debut album from Gentleman's Pistols, as well as Firebird's Hot Wings, will be released. Both of the latter albums feature the legendary Bill Steer of Carcass/Napalm Death fame. [Via Metal Blade Press Release] [Rise Above Records]

eOne has beefed up its roster by adding England's Glamour of the Kill. The band has signed a worldwide deal with the label and will release its as-yet untitled label debut later this year. In a statement, frontman Davey Richmond expressed excitement about reaching markets outside of his home continent, namely North America. "After how well we've been received in the U.K. and Europe," Richmond said, "it means so much to us to be able to take our music across to the U.S. and the rest of the world now, and we look forward to working with a label who understands what Glamour of the Kill are all about." [Via eOne Press Release]

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