Metallic, experimental sludge pioneers the Melvins just launched a month-long tour of the western U.S. in Minneapolis. Dates run through Oct. 12 in Costa Mesa, Calif.

They will be touring to support their latest album, 'The Bride Screamed Murder,' which came out June 1. The set will likely feature material from that album, as well as the rest of their career, which began in 1983. The current Melvins lineup features founding vocalist and guitarist Buzz Osborne, drummer Dale Crover (who has been in the Melvins since 1984), drummer/vocalist Coady Willis and bassist/vocalist Jared Warren (both of whom joined in 2006).

"I'm playing with guys who are really good, and that helps a lot," Osborne told Noisecreep. "They almost never have meltdowns or screw up on stage. A few things are gonna go wrong when you play 100 songs, but for the most part these are guys you can totally depend on. They're real solid."

That being the case, Osborne said that some of the Melvins tour dates will likely be far better than others, despite his intentions or the composition of the audience.

"Melvins have always been unpredictable that way," he said. "I cut our shows into three sections. A third of the shows are amazing. We can do no wrong and everything works perfect. A third of them are pretty good, and a third of them are lousy, and you can't decide that before hand. It's just something that happens. The cosmos -- I don't know why. It's just endless for whatever reason. You can't get through it, and it's not very good. But that's the beauty of playing live."