The hits just keep coming! Megadeth have been building anticipation for their forthcoming 15th studio album, having already released "Fatal Illusion" and "The Threat is Real." Just two weeks away from Dystopia, out Jan. 22, the thrash legends have served up the title track, which is classic Megadeth through and through.

"Dystopia" opens with an ear-fetching guitar lead, boasting a simple, yet powerful melody before the alternate picking takes over and improves on its catchy foundation. Slightly reminiscent of "Hangar 18" in its accented lead playing, the song hits across all fronts from infectious guitar and vocal hooks, Dave Mustaine's ageless shredding trading off with brilliant new axeman Kiko Loureiro. The chorus simply sees Mustaine repeat the title, but is laced with some Steve Vai-esque shredding underneath, which is the true highlight.

Slowing the tempo down during the bridge, an arresting, screeching lead cries out as fingers fly across the frets, interspersed with bluesy licks. The last two minutes of "Dystopia" are dominated by dazzling guitar work, closing with dizzying harmonized leads, foregoing a predictable return to the chorus.

All three singles as well as "Poisonous Shadows" and "Post American World" will receive special attention surrounding the record's release. Coinciding with the album's futurist overtones, special virtual reality videos have been made to immerse fans in the concept behind Dystopia.

Megadeth will be out promoting the album in February, taking Suicidal Tendencies, Children of Bodom and Havok along with them on their month-long North American trek. For a full list of dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

Dystopia can be pre-ordered at Megadeth's webstore with plenty of options ranging from bundle packages with shirts, hoodies and stickers to colored vinyl. Digital copies can be purchased through iTunes.

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