Jason Newsted and Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, both formerly of Metallica at different periods in the band's career, closed out Gigantour 2013 by performing a Metallica cover together. Both had hinted that they would collaborate on a Metallica track and they didn't disappoint fans, offering up their rendition of 'Phantom Lord,' which Mustaine co-wrote and which appears on 'Kill 'Em All.'

The performance happened at the Aug. 11 gig in Toronto and you can enjoy the footage, filmed by fans, both above and below! Mustaine even prefaced the performance by saying he never performs his old music live but this was a special occasion, of course.

Newsted was met with a chorus of cheers upon taking the stage, and Mustaine introduced his tourmate in that devilish, deep voice of his, the one that reminds us of his vocal delivery in 'Peace Sells' or 'Sweating Bullets.'

As for the performance of the song? It was fast and furious and Newsted performed vocally. Below is another vantage point, if you can't get enough of ex-Metallica members performing a Metallica song.

Watch Another Version of Newsted + Mustaine Performing 'Phantom Lord'