"Here we go," Dave Mustaine bellows to the crowd of the Hollywood Palladuim before tearing into the riff flood that is 'Holy Wars ... the Punishment Due.' There is probably no better way to begin an entire set around Megadeth's classic album 'Rust in Peace.'

Set to hit stores on Sept. 7, 'Rust in Peace Live' captures the 20th anniversary event of this landmark metal album, which the band is continuing to play in its entirety on the American Carnage Tour. We here at Noisecreep couldn't be more honored to roll out the premiere carpet for the first look at this monstrous CD/DVD and Blu-ray.


Megadeth's roots aren't too far from the Hollywood Palladuim, making this show the one that had to be put to digital. By playing the album straight through, many songs like 'Five Magics,' 'Poison Was the Cure' and 'Rust in Peace ... Polaris' were finally played live for the first time.

Direction by Kerry Asmussen (Green Day, Coachella) promises the DVD to be an integral part of any Megadeth fan's collection. Included also is behind-the-scene footage -- from the dressing room rehearsals to the moments before the band took the stage.

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