It was just over a month ago that drummer of Athens, Ga. band Maserati, Jerry Fuchs, died after accidently falling down an elevator shaft while attending a fundraising party at a loft in New York City. Since the loss of their close friend, they have made no statements on the future of Maserati. Though most have considered the band to be over as Fuchs was much more than a member, but a driving backbeat of harrowing drum fills that helped the band leave the confines of instrumental indie rock and become heralds of a unique psychedelic sound that put them in a larger spotlight.

Posted on the band's Web site exactly one month after Fuchs death, Maserati stated their own uncertainty over their future, calling it "unclear." But what the band was not hazy about is finishing up their full-length follow-up to 2007's 'Inventions for the New Season.' "As recently as this past July, we had been recording a new Maserati record with Jerry ... we will be hard at work in 2010 finishing the record as a testament to our dearest friend."

Early demos of these songs have floated around to who needed to hear them, and tales of the exciting progress in the band's soaring sound spread before the accident. On the band's most recent tours two new songs were played giving a hint of this record. A Georgia-based blog has posted two full sets recorded back in March that include two new songs. Neither song has any titles that the band has made known. On one of the songs, the minute Fuchs begins the foundation of the groove, you hear someone yell out 'new song' and all of the captured conversations that bootlegs carry are gone.

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