Jerry Fuchs, drummer of the Athens-based instrumental band Maserati has died from an accidental fall down an elevator shaft while he was attending a party in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. According to a local New York City news outlet he was trying to jump out of a broken elevator when his clothes became snagged to it. He fell five stories where immediately after he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead in the early hours of November 8th.

Fuchs, who also went by Gerhardt as well as Jerry, joined Maserati in 2004 after original drummer Philip Horan left the band. Prior to Fuchs being in the band, Maserati was known for an open instrumental rock sound that gazed on elements of math rock. Fuchs, who also did percussion with funk outfit !!!, was known for a intricate style of drumming that many expected to aid in a evolution of sound for the band.

On the 2007 released 'Inventions for the New Season', Maserati had embraced a more psychedelic sound that not only displayed a heavier groove but pointed towards an influence from Pink Floyd and Ash Ra Tempel. In a recent interview, Fuchs and guitarist Coley Dennis exclaimed how they didn't mind that their influences were so obvious. They saw it as a compliment when fans pointed it out.
Maserati had just finished up a tour opening for Mono in support of their 'Passages' CD, a compilation of previously vinyl only songs.

Since word of the untimely passing of the thirty-four Fuchs many tributes have come online, including one by longtime friend Henry Owings, editor of Chunklet Magazine, who Fuchs had contributed artwork to off and on. Owings humbly wrote, "What will I remember about Jerry? There's so much that I don't even know where to start. I'd have to start with his kind-hearted nature. He was a sweet man. Thoughtful. Generous. To add to that, he was easy to make laugh and laugh at. A robust sense of humor punctuated with genuine bouts of derisive laughter. Jerry was prematurely grey even when I knew him in the mid-90s which I always found entertaining."

At the time of this writing, the only statement from Maserati was on their twitter stating, "With overwhelming sadness, bids farewell to our drummer and dear friend Jerry Fuchs. Love you, bro."

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