Lynch MobEarlier this month, all the original members of Dokken reunited for the first time in over a decade. The long-standing feud between guitarist George Lynch and Don Dokken is pretty well known in metal circles. When Dokken invited Lynch and the rest of the original guys on stage, fans were both excited and hopeful for a possible reunion tour or some sort of package featuring both Lynch Mob and Dokken. Could it be? We'll go ahead and say it's definitely maybe.

"We just finished three shows with Dokken at the House of Blues in Hollywood, San Diego and Anaheim. We expect a longer run, and there's a few possibilities that might happen," Lynch Mob singer Oni Logan cautiously tells Noisecreep. "There could be a few dates in the Midwest that might happen between Dokken and the Lynch Mob. Between the two camps, we're on good terms and everything seems cool, so why not? It may happen."

Lynch Mob will tour with or without Dokken, though. The band is currently promoting 'Smoke and Mirrors,' released just a couple months ago via Frontiers Records. Even without Dokken on board, fans can expect some sort of special run and perhaps even a package tour for summer 2010.

"I don't want to say anything off the top of my head because, as you know, these things change from day to day," continues Logan. "We're looking at working all of 2010 and for going to Europe for festivals in the spring. We're looking at pushing and promoting this album we believe in."