Living Sacrifice
vocalist/guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh was recently in Southern California to film a video and play a show with Demon Hunter. It's pretty much business as usual for the Christian metal band, which has adopted an 'easy does it' approach to its reformation, which is only part-time. But that doesn't diminish the members' investment! The band's latest album, 'The Infinite Order,' is due out Nov. 3 on longtime label Solid State, and it's Living Sac's first full-length, studio release of all new material since 2002's 'Conceived in Fire.'

When Fitzhugh got the itch to play again, he went right to his old comrades to exhume Living Sacrifice, rather than recruit new musicians and start an entirely new project under a brand new moniker. "I only wanted to do it if these guys wanted to do it," Fitzhugh told Noisecreep on quick break away from the weekend's busy schedule. "We're all still friends, and we're close." Since it felt right to reconnect, the band moved forward.

"We got back together last year, with the intent of doing a record. Unfortunately, the contractual process took longer than anticipated, and we have been busy with our families and work, so we took our time writing the record," Fitzhugh admitted.

Additionally, guitarist Rocky Gray remains prolific, with commitments to his other bands, especially We Are the Fallen, which is the new project from ex-members of Evanescence. Fitzhugh continued, "We are having fun, but we're not trying to make it a career again. Rocky is full time with other bands." Fitzhugh is also involved heavily in, an online merchandising endeavor.

Fans can expect Living Sacrifice to play shows, but not on the same level as their past, when they were a full-time entity. Fitzhugh said, "We want to get the music out there and to play out. But we won't live on the road. The music is fast, heavy and thrashy. Based on our last two records, it's what you'd expect. We love metal and playing heavy music. We didn't wimp out at all." Hallelujah!

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