Connecticut's Life in Your Way have just released details on 'Kingdoms', their first recording since their reunion. According to the group's Facebook page, the release will be available as three EPs, each with its own specific lyrical theme. "It's easily the heaviest material to date for us," guitarist James Allen told Noisecreep, about the material for one of the EPs. "Kids can also expect guest vocal appearances from a wide array of their favorite singers, at least one on each EP."

All three releases -- 'The Kingdom of Man,' 'The Kingdom of Darkness,' and 'The Kingdom of God' -- will be available for download for free from the band's new label, Come&Live!. The EPs release dates will be staggered, but all three will be compiled on a physical CD for sale on the first release date.

"Each EP is specific to a spiritual kingdom, both musically and lyrically," Allen explained further. "The easiest example is 'The Kingdom of Darkness.' It contrasts angelic and horrifying chord progressions in an attempt to capture the battle between good and evil."

The melodic metalcore band has started taking donations through a Kickstarter campaign. Potential donors can pick an amount to give to the band in order to produce 'Kingdoms,' and in turn the donor will receive special prizes depending on the amount of donation.

Come&Live! label owner Chad Johnson had nothing but good things to say about the band's music and character. "I've always been inspired by Life In Your Way," he told Noisecreep. "They radiate humility and are just down-to-earth normal guys making great heavy music. It was an honor to work with them when I was at Solid State, and it's an honor to work with them now. I love their hearts and how they express the love of God in such a genuine way."

The band also provided a preview of the artwork and mentioned that guitarist Dave Swanson and Greg Thomas will record the new songs at Silver Bullet Studios.

Watch the video for 'Reach the End.'

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