Praying for rain / Devising ways to get out / All the signs on the side of the highway read / Night-crawlers for sale

Lewd Acts is into worms, in a very literal sense. A track off of their latest album -- 'Black Eye Blues,' on Deathwish Inc., appropriately titled 'Night-Crawlers' -- depicts the narrator as a young entrepreneur, culling worms for sale. "'Night-Crawlers' is the third chapter in 'Black Eye Blues,'" the band told Noisecreep. "It tells the part of the story where my brother and I would wait for a good night's rain so we could dig for worms in the morning mud. We'd set up a table on our street corner and sell the night-crawlers to the local fishermen as bait."

You could make the whole scene an allegory for something more profound, but the reason for their business endeavors at the time was very practical. At least, as practical as young boys could get. "We had dreams to move to California ever since we went to Disneyland as kids, and our profit made from the martyring of mud-dwellers would be our ticket there."

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