LeianaCute, blonde and tattooed Philly rock chick Leiana has released her perky, modernized version of Lita Ford's smash hit from the '80s, 'Kiss Me Deadly,' which you can download right here on Noisecreep. Producer and Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano and White Zombie/Cult drummer John Tempesta play on the song, giving it a hellacious edge, including a ripping solo for an outro.

"Lita Ford was one of the few female rockers that combined a total package for me," Leiana told Noisecreep. "She is talented, beautiful and had no problem holding her own in the very male-dominated metal rock world. She was cool, strong and tough, which made a huge impression on me." Miss Ford's '80s ballad with Ozzy Osbourne, 'Close My Eyes Forever,' was another prime example of how she was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with metal gods.

Download Leiana's version of 'Kiss Me Deadly'

Leiana also said, "'Kiss me Deadly' was a tune that I always wanted to hear done a bit harder and edgy, and I think with this remake, we accomplished that." The cover is loyal; the ante is just upped a bit. Nice job to Leiana, Caggiano and Tempesta for their rendition of a glam metal classic.

Leiana's 'Lucky #3' is due out May 18. Meanwhile, 'The Runaways,' the movie based on Lita Ford's teenaged jailbait band with Joan Jett and Cheri Curie, featuring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in those respective roles, is due out this spring, as well.

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