The old lyric goes, 'Damn it feels good to be a gangster.' But honestly, it must feel just as orgasmic to be a rock star, as Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich illustrates in this clip from 'Get Him to the Greek.' The Russell Brand-starring music business comedy opens in theaters today, with Brand playing a wayward rocker.

In this scene, Ulrich plays himself, snuggling up to Brand's character's love interest, Jackie, played by Rose Byrne, in bed. While we prefer to see Ulrich sitting behind a kit and not bedding a young filly, this clip speaks volumes to the power of rock stardom when it comes to seducing hot chicks.

We also love how Brand's Aldous Snow takes a verbal jab at Lars, pretending to be Jackie's mum and saying that Jackie should have gone for the charismatic frontman, not the drummer.