In melodic rock circles, especially throughout Europe, Lance King is one of the most respected singers working within the hard rock community today. His commanding vocals can be heard on over 25 albums within the last two decades.

Known best for his work with Pyramaze and Balance of Power, this year King decided it was the right time to his long-awaited debut solo album, 'A Moment in Chiros.' For the recording sessions, the singer went into his Rolodex and called on a host of seasoned players from the melodic rock scene. Included on the album are members of Anubis Gate, Jorn, Beyond Twilight, Myrath, and many others groups.

Noisecreep got its hands on 'Manifest Destiny,' a track off of the yet-to-be released 'A Moment in Chiros' album.

Listen to 'Manifest Destiny' From Lance King

"I think 'Manifest Destiny' has got its own thing going on, and has a certain pop metal sense about it. Yet it also has some older known elements in it without sounding dated. Plus it rips at the end too," King told Noisecreep.

The singer then explained the inspiration behind the lyrics to the track. "Well, its lyrics talk about how we are generally conflicted in our humanity, we're of two polar sides in our duality, And if we want to see great things happen in our lives, we need to pick one direction and be consistent in our thoughts, emotions, actions and intent, in order for those things we truly want to come to fruition. Otherwise we're just playing Ping-Pong with things, never seeing any forward movement."

Lance King's 'A Moment in Chiros' will hit stores on Nov. 8th via Nightmare Records.

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