Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez and his wife and collaborator Chondra Echert recently announced the release of their comic book, 'Key of Z.'

The couple is in the midst of a national tour of comic book stores to promote the new title, which brings a deadly new vision of New York City to life courtesy of an original story from Sanchez and Echert, with artwork by Aaron Kuder. The Coheed and Cambria singer-guitarist is a lifelong comic book fan and has already had found success with 2008's 'The Amory Wars' and the next year's 'Kill Audio,' each their own successful series.

Sanchez and Echert describe 'Key of Z' in their own words: "The zombie apocalypse has transformed the city into two separate battle-hardened fiefdoms. Nick Ewing is left to survive while seeking revenge on those responsible for the death of his family – the warring gangs residing in The Big Apple's most illustrious athletic houses. Ewing stumbles upon a sentimental artifact from his past that imbues him with surprising power. Find out what happens when he discovers the Key of Z."

The dynamic duo sat down with Noisecreep where talked about working and traveling together, plus the future of Coheed and Cambria.

'The Key of Z' has a lot of people talking already. It must be satisfying to be a couple that is able to create such compelling art together.

Claudio Sanchez: Chondra and I have been married for two years but have been together for almost eight. So she knows what I like when it comes to this kind of thing. It's great. Just like when we worked on the 'Kill Audio' series. I've got a lot of stuff on my plate so it's great to have someone there who knows me, and can pitch stories to me that I will probably like.

Chondra Echert: I know his tastes well enough, really well in fact so it's for easy for to work together. And it's fun for us, too. We have a few other titles we're working on now, and then on a daily basis I'm micromanaging the series we have, which is awesome. It's all really enjoyable and lots of fun to write.

Are you both big fans of Zombie stories in general?

Echert: For me, I'm more intrigued by the human elements that revolve around zombie stories. How people react to them. But I mean, we love 'Night of the Living Dead' – we even named our dog in honor of one of the characters.

Sanchez: Barbra, our black pug.

Evil Ink
Evil Ink

What's next in the series?

Echert: We're currently scripting issue four. I've been doing a lot of writing on this tour. I work the best when traveling – I don't have the house to distract me. In your own environment, there are always distractions! Days go by, you've gotten 10 loads of laundry done and nothing else – so new environments are great for creating and inspiring.

Any chance there might be some companion music to go along with the series as has happened in the past?

Echert: We were just talking to Claudio about that [laughs].

Sanchez: I'm thinking about it [laughs]. There definitely might be!

Claudio, what's up next for Coheed and Cambria?

Sanchez: Well, we start recording in the next month. The material is there and as a band we are starting to play it to get ready for recording.

Do you have any sense yet of who may playing the bass parts?

Sanchez: We're currently trying to find someone to replace that position. Right now it's trying to figure out, the three of us, trying to find the right person the fits. But right now we also just have to become a band again, whether it's just us three guys or with whoever becomes the next fourth member. But we just need to start playing and figure our identity right now.

For more information on 'The Key of Z' visit this link.

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