It's almost Halloween! We've already reported on a few ways you can celebrate the holiday by showing off how much of a metalhead you are either with a Slipknot mask for your costume, some Rob Zombie candy or a festive Pantera shirt to wear. Now Lamb of God are going to show you how to make a jack-o-lantern, thanks to a pretty awesome new animated song parody.

This video comes courtesy of Joey Siler, the man behind the animated series Cooking Hostile, which features parody videos featuring all sorts of heavy metal luminaries with their songs reworked to divulge recipes. Here, Lamb of God's "Redneck" and "Now You've Got Something to Die For" get retooled to show you how to properly select a pumpkin and then carve it!

The video sees some guest appearances from Scott Ian of Anthrax as a zombie and Ozzy Osbourne feasting on the head of a bat. The parody cover is done well and the vocal efforts come across as genuine, matching the inflections of singer Randy Blythe and elevating the song as something more than just a silly and fun idea.

Lamb of God have been the subject of another recent popular video as a musician recently posted a hurdy gurdy cover of the band's song "Grace."

The band will be kicking off a European tour in November, providing support for Megadeth. Drummer Chris Adler will be pulling double duty, manning the sticks for both bands each night. Adler recently played his second show with Megadeth after missing a handful of dates in Asia. While he's busy with Lamb of God, the drummer has promised to play as many dates with Megadeth as possible and touring together will certainly be a treat for fans of both groups.

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