Kory Clarke, late of Warrior Soul, has quit legendary Chicago doom band Trouble. The singer is leaving the group behind in order to start The Bones of Children, a new band, with Russ Strahan, who did time in Pentagram and Land of Doom. Clarke had been fronting Trouble since 2008, when he replaced original singer Eric Wagner.

Clarke's split with Trouble is not without drama, though. The vocalist took the opportunity to send a few shots at his now-former bandmates and their religious beliefs while discussing his new outfit.

According to Blabbermouth, Clarke said, "This metal album will be high energy, with a fresh artistic approach to the genre without the limitations of the over-50-something religious crowd. It will be so nice to be working without the shackles that a previous singer has left behind of a band that is over 30 years old and acts and sounds like it. I like to do progressive, pushing-the-boundary lyrics in an individualistic style." Wow, tell us how you really feel, Kory!

He continued, "I don't want to sound like Ozzy, like the old singer tried to do," slamming Wagner. "I am also glad when I look to my left on stage from now on I will not be seeing 'Derek Smalls' in my peripheral vision...I just cannot play with people who are fundamentalist Christians, or too family-oriented to the point that they can't tour, do records or knock down a few margaritas with me at the bar. This is rock 'n' roll, guys, not the Family Channel." Ouch!

The debut release from the not Ozzy-like, the not Family Channel-like and the decidedly rock 'n' roll The Bones of Children is slated to drop this fall.

Trouble just announced former Exhorder and Alabama Thunderpussy frontman Kyle Thomas as their new vocalist.

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