Kittie are entering the studio next week to record their sixth album. It's hard to believe that the veteran metal felines are already half a dozen albums deep into their career. Vocalist-guitarist Morgan Lander confessed to Noisecreep that the as-yet untitled album "contains some of the most difficult and personal subject matter I have had the pleasure (or displeasure) of writing."

Before she opened up about the new album, the frontwoman took a moment to reflect on where she is in her career. "I am feeling pretty good about it. It's crazy. I am in my last year of my 20s so it is crazy to think back in retrospect about what we've gone through! I can't believe I've made six albums before I turned 30. It sounds good to me!"

Kittie's new album, which follows up 2009's 'In the Black,' is already written, a process that was apparently not pleasant for Lander. The singer admitted that she mined difficult issues in her personal life for lyrical and musical inspiration.

"It's 11 songs and I am happy how things are coming out," she said. "This time around, it's a little more aggressive, more so than 'In the Black.' There are a few moments where it lets up a little, but those moments are very rare. It's been an interesting and crazy couple years, especially for me, in particular. Things happened to me personally and otherwise, so it lead the music in that direction. I had a lot to get off my chest, and a lot to say, and it's definitely noticeable in the music.

Lander sees the music as a form of primal scream therapy, acknowledging "it's been bit of a rough go, so it's always good to express how I feel through the music and get it all out."

The album should be out later this year, accompanied by a full tour.

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