Kittie have been bringing their brand of metal to fans over two decades, with siblings Morgan and Mercedes there throughout the entire run. But as fans may be aware, there have been a wealth of musicians helping them during their musical tenure and the band's storied history was captured by Rob McCallum for the documentary Origins / Evolutions. The fans got involved with a crowdfunding campaign to help get the film made and now it has been revealed that Origins / Evolution will be available in DVD and Blu-Ray form on March 30.

Even better, the documentary will be packaged with a new CD that includes bonus live material with never before released recording dating back to the early 2000s. Fans can also look for a 12" vinyl record in the coming months that includes the audio portion of the release. The artwork for the documentary can be seen below.

In 2016, McCallum revealed that he had hundreds of hours of footage and interviews to sift through while making the documentary. He also added that he envisioned breaking up the documentary into the first ten years and second ten years of the band.

Kittie returned to the stage for the first time in four years at the Origins / Evolutions party in London, Ontario last October. The band played a career-spanning set that included both current and former members.

Kittie, Origins / Evolutions Artwork

Facebook: Kittie
Facebook: Kittie

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