Besides his role as a counselor on VH1 Classic's 'Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp,' '80s rocker Kip Winger continues working on his true passion: music for ballet. While the thought of a hair metaller enjoying the delicate art of ballet may be something you can't wrap your head around, Winger truly loves it. He studied ballet and was even in a company as a kid. He also readily admits that he considers it his biggest passion.

"Rock was my day gig, and I'm a phantom composer by night," Winger told Noisecreep. He has written an orchestral piece called 'Ghosts,' which was choreographed as a ballet and performed at the Opera House in San Francisco. 'Ghosts' will be brought back for another run next year.

In addition to ballet composing and helping to make wannabe rock star dreams come true on the VH1 show, Winger's new album 'Karma,' has been out for several months. He and his band toured 19 countries in seven months in support of the platter.

Hair metal icon, ballet composer, camp counselor -- Kip Winger is a man of the arts.

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