We’ve been writing about kid group the Mini Band since 2011 when their metal covers started going viral. Now, four years into their career, the U.K. group has released an original song and an accompanying music video. What’s even more impressive? While the band’s members have almost five years in the music business, they are still only 11 to 14 years of age.

The Newbury Rock School posted the official music video for their original track “Step Into The Light” from the group and you can check out the clip above. We were impressed by the high production value.

According to Facebook, the Mini Band has been busy promoting their new song. They stopped by BBC radio this week for an interview and they also revealed that they've been asked by Metallica to meet the group backstage at the Reading Festival. They'll get to meet the legendary metal act on Saturday Aug. 29, the day that Metallica are set to headline the event. Their encounter will be captured by the BBC.

The Mini Band first received kudos from the legendary metal group in 2011 after their cover of “Enter Sandman” received millions of views on YouTube. That caught the attention of the members of Metallica, who posted their own video commenting on how great the kids were. Head here to check out The Mini Band as 8-to-10-year-olds covering “Enter Sandman” and to watch Metallica’s response.

For those interested in the Mini Band's new original music, head to the Mini Band’s Facebook page and pick up their 4-track EP for around 7 dollars.

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