Grade and Somehow Hollow guitarist Kent Abbott died Jan. 7 although there's no word as to the cause of death.

He was 32.

Abbott joined the band in the early 2000s and told publication The Appalachian he was thrilled to have the opportunity.

"I was a fan of Grade before I started playing with them, and to me they always created their very own sound," he said in a 2002 interview while the band toured behind Headfirst Straight to Hell. After Grade split up in 2002 the musician joined Somehow Hollow and would later go on to play with the .45 Goodbye.

"Kent had a passion for music and had played at venues around the world," Abbott's obituary reads. "He acquired a super sense of humour, was always attracted to people and would make them laugh."

The news of the hardcore guitarist's death quickly lit up Twitter with the official @GradeHC posting, retweeting and responding to various messages.

The band followed that up this morning with message.

The sad news resulted in a string of tweets from other musicians and bands regarding Abbott.

A funeral service will take place for Abbott on Saturday morning (Jan. 12) at the St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Stratford, Ontario.

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