Over the years, Jim Breuer has been quite vocal about his love of metal. The comedian has impersonated AC/DC and Metallica in his act, and when MTV honored the latter group with its "Icon" prize in 2003, he took the stage in tribute. He was recently asked to do likewise for Zakk Wylde, but for personal reasons, he had to decline.

According to MetalSucks.net, in a recent appearance on 'The Opie & Anthony Show,' Breuer explained why he opted out of the celebrity roast organized for Wylde by 'Guitar World' magazine. The comic said he "lost all respect for" the Black Label Society guitarist a few years ago, when they briefly attempted to develop a TV series.

As Breuer tells it, Wylde was a drunk, unpredictable character whose list of offenses includes spouting ethnic slurs at a Chinese restaurant, urinating on the windshield of his truck and choking a man with a chain. In the clip below, Breuer paints an unflattering, if hilarious, portrait of the rocker, detailing numerous cringe-worthy moments.

While Breuer acknowledges that the rocker has supposedly cleaned up, he opted to keep his distance.

"When they asked me to do it, I went, 'You know what man? No,'" Breuer said of the roast. "I don't think I'd have good emotions spewing out." Check out the interview below (at the 1:47:22 mark) to hear Breuer's remarks.

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