YouTuber Jared Dines has revealed his struggles with mental illness in a new video and series of tweets. Dines shared he’s been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression after visiting a doctor and promised fans he’ll make it through this difficult time.

Dines is one of metal’s most successful comedic YouTubers, performing music, creating hugely popular “styles” videos and cleverly poking fun at metal’s most ridiculous dynamics. Dines also spent a part of 2018 touring with Trivium as a live guitarist before ultimately leaving his band Rest, Repose earlier this year.

Jared tweeted about his mental health on April 19, following up with a thank you note two days later:

Dines also released a YouTube video discussing his situation. “For the past 10 years of my life… more so for the last couple years I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress, stuff like that. I’ve kind of just buried it and pushed it away and just ignored it, and then recently, it’s just started getting really, really bad,” the YouTuber says.

“I’ve been having episodes where I can’t sleep. Every time I go to fall asleep I’ll just jump awake and I’ll be literally sitting there shaking. Therefore I don’t really have much of an appetite or find much enjoyment in anything, really … I’m still gonna be doing videos. I find a lot of joy in my work and I don’t want to stop working. I’m gonna get through it. I’m gonna beat it, for sure.”

We’d like to applaud Jared for his courage in speaking out about mental illness. Watch his video discussing the subject above.

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