It's always great to see Jani Lane onstage doing what he does best. Especially after more drug-related issues followed the ex-Warrant frontman earlier this year, as a DUI charge and subsequent sentencing put him back in the headlines. For the past few months though, Lane has been filling in for longtime Great White vocalist Jack Russell, who is currently recuperating from surgery.

"It's been fantastic," Lane said in a recent interview about his time with the '80s metal outfit. "I've been friends with [Russell] for decades and I told him I'd be happy to fill in for him."

Rather than put his own twist on Great White -- with these limited tour dates marking the first time the singer has sung someone else's material -- Lane stuck with the vocal approach and style the band is known for, training himself to sing in a higher range than he's accustom to.

"I didn't realize how hard that would be," he said.

Despite the challenge he set for himself, Lane admitted being impressed not only with his bandmates but also the fans. "The guys in Great White have been really pleasant to work with. They're very professional. For them, it's all about sounding good for the fans and coming home and taking care of business."

His business with Great White looks to be over after the band's New Year's Eve show at Minnesota's Fortune Bay Resort Casino, as Lane already has plans to return to his solo work next year.

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