Iwrestledabearonce are cursed. No, really. It's pretty much a variation of Murphy's Law: Whatever bad can happen will. Guitarist Steven Bradley recounted how the band got robbed at gunpoint on their last album cycle, admitting "that never gets old, you never get used to that."

He also revealed that a band friend named Ryan pointed out that there is an IWABO curse, a veritable dark cloud hanging over the band's head. But the band doesn't adopt any sort of "Woe is us" stance. Bradley told Noisecreep, "We are fortunate. We do not complain how our band does, but we never just get 'there.' There is always something. We get the call, 'You guys are doing Warped Tour, but the house got broken into, s--- go t stolen, go f--- yourself.' I'm like, 'Good news, okay, Mikey our drummer isn't dead?' Where is the follow up bad news?'"

It's worth mentioning that when the band was robbed, the solo existing hard drive with the Pro-Tools sessions from their 2009 release 'It's All Happening' was jacked, so it's "gone forever," Bradley said. "There will be no remixing or remastering of that album." To prevent any sort of similar situation happening, Bradley performed triple back ups from the 'Ruining It For Everybody' sessions. He joked, "I slept with it under a pillow with a shotgun."

Given the IWABO curse, Bradley is lucky he didn't shoot himself in the foot or accidentally shoot and destroy the second and third back up versions.

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'Ruining It For Everybody' is out July 26th.

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