One of the many things Noisecreep loves about Iwrestleabearonce is their collective sense of humor. The band, which recently relocated from their native Southern digs to just outside of Los Angeles, is so psyched about their new album 'Ruining It For Everybody' that guitarist Steven Bradley joked to Noisecreep that "it's the best album of all time. Jimmy Page will list it as such. Even Freddie Mercury said it's his favorite since the last Queen album!"

Bradley continued, in a more serious vein, saying, "If you liked the last one, this one stomps the s--- out of it, even more. We thought last album was alright, since it took us 10 days to write the whole thing. It was really rushed, but with the new one, we had more time and could put more thought and effort into it, so we had some better overall writing and recording experiences, an it was more laid back. It's the album we should have put out last time. It's ore cohesive and it makes more sense, but it's still weird."

While IWABO haven't abandoned the spastic, off-kilter, acquired taste electro-metal stylings that defined 2009's ''It's All Happening,' they did employ the previously aforementioned sense of humor to pretend like they did. They played a little prank when releasing a new song, issuing a media update saying that the band had switched genres and would now be trafficking exclusively in black metal. Most people got the joke; a few didn't.

"Anyone who didn't know that was a joke obviously doesn't keep up with our band whatsoever," Bradley commented. "Anything to f--- with people is what we like to do."

Bradley also acknowledged the polarizing nature of the music his band peddles and he prefers it that way. "It's way better to be the band that people want to invite over and then they cook you dinner and show you naked pics of their grandmother or to be the band that people want to beat to death with a rock. We want to be extreme, eliciting a response like that than nothing at all," he said.

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