Most bands are guided by the helping, all-knowing hand of a producer in the studio. It's an objective, outside perspective that helps steer the creative ship. Electro grinders Iwrestledabearonce are foregoing a producer for the next album, instead choosing to handle the production themselves. IWABO's sound is constructed in such a way that the producer role is obsolete -- and ultimately, a waste of cash for them.

"A huge portion of our 'sound' is based around electronic elements and already layering the hell out of our songs, and also we aren't your typical verse/chorus/verse type band. So honestly, there isn't much for an outside producer to help us with," guitarist Steven Bradley told Noisecreep. "We typically know how we want things to sound and don't want outside opinions on our song structure or how to make things more commercial or something."

The band's first EP was recorded in Bradley's bedroom with programmed drums and guitar plugged straight into the computer. For 'It's All Happening,' the band "pretty much produced the whole thing ourselves aside from some electronics contributions from our friend Ryan Boesch, who also engineered the album," Bradley said, illustrating the breadth of IWABO's experience in taking the bull by the horns.

"Point being, this isn't my first rodeo in terms of being in charge of the nerdy aspect of our band, so I'm definitely not nervous; more stoked than anything," he said. Bradley also referred to Boesch as the band's "sixth Beatle" for his expertise and work with them.

IWABO are now tucked away in their freshly-built compound, where they're busily recording. "Well, 'compound' is probably a bit of a stretch," Bradley laughed. "The reality is we bought a bunch of gear with our album budget and turned our typical basement jam room into a live room for tracking and a spare bedroom next to it into a control room. You can check out photos of everything on our Tumblr page if you're super curious."

However, this "compound" will be disassembled soon. "I don't think we're going to be in this house much longer," Bradley admitted. "So we will be moving all the gear with us and hopefully building something new and better."

The "something better" might lead to Bradley doing something he loves, which is recording/mixing/producing other bands. "I used to do it all the time before we started touring almost constantly and I'm sure I will be doing it again one day when time allows."

IWABO went on tour for two years, and while they are home recording right now, they won't be staying there long. They're headed right back out on the tour circuit again, pounding pavements and racking up miles with Dance Gavin Dance, In Fear and Faith, Close to Home and Just Like Vinyl. Get ready to hear some new material on the Iwrestledabearonce tour dates.

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