Iwrestledabearonce's new video for the song 'See You in Shell' features a familiar face: Dennis Haskins, who played the good-natured principal Mr. Belding in 'Saved by the Bell.' "He came out and went out to eat with us," guitarist Steven Bradley told Noisecreep about the video shoot and the time spent around it. "And we're eating and people in the restaurant are like, 'Oh my God!' And he signed autographs and was taking pictures. It's just really cool to meet someone that -- he's Mr. Belding, everyone knows him."

"Put him on the f---ing street corner right now. I guarantee 80 percent of the people will stop and be like, 'Dude!'" Bradley explained further. "'Saved by the Bell' is on TV for four hours a day, every day of the week on some channel in every country. I swear if there was a line of 400 people, he would've high-fived them all and would not have been bothered by it. It was so cool to meet someone that. He's famous as hell. He's just stoked to be alive."

The partially-theatrical video has Haskins reprising his role as a high school principal. He chaperones a dance that Iwrestledabearonce is playing. Haskins' creepy assistant principal taints the fruit punch, with hilarious results.

Bradley noted that Haskins still wanted to go through with the project, even though it was delayed due to the weather. "He flew out twice," Bradley said. "He flew out once and the video got f---ing snowed out, like there was a freak blizzard in [Greensboro, N.C.], so we couldn't film at the location. And you know how those actor-type people are. He already did it for a low rate because he was a rock promoter back in the day -- he just likes music, heavy crazy whatever stuff. So he did it for us for cheaper than he would for 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' or something he would've gotten paid a lot more for."

News of Haskins' role in the video had leaked online before the video was released, which disappointed Bradley as it was meant to be a surprise. "I don't know how the f--- MetalSucks found out about that and posted it. That's crazy. I don't know who the f--- the insider would be, but it's not like we're Pantera."

Iwrestledabearonce are touring all summer to promote their new album, 'It's All happening.'