"So pick me up, and dust me off / Remind me to remain strong / As we push forward / God, help me push forward." - Ironwill, 'Visionaries'

Melodic hardcore band Ironwill has encountered more than its share of misfortunes, especially for a band that's barely two years old. "Our first tour was plagued with unforeseen bad luck," drummer Aaron Bafford told Noisecreep recently. "Not only did two members get robbed at gunpoint, our tire blew out in Alabama, our guitarist was tazed while trying to break up a fight, and we drove for hours in the middle of the night with one window stuck rolled down."

The Augusta, GA quintet talks about dealing with life's difficulties in the song 'Visionaries,' from their debut album on Blood & Ink Records, 'Unturned.'

"We have been faced with many challenges including what direction we wanted to take the band, finding the right fit for each member, and a [difficult] first tour," Bafford explained. "After many unsuccessful [attempts at to finding] a steady guitarist, we settled in with a good friend and decided that it was time to take our band beyond our small, but very loyal, hometown."

"We found strength and pushed through all of these times, and have continued to keep our heads held high," Bafford said. "This song is about continued strength and faithful guidance by an amazing God, through all the positive and negative aspects of life."

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