We recently spoke with rocker-turned-club-owner-turned-television-host Andrew W.K. about some of the most memorable happenings at Santos Party House, his New York City night club.

Noisecreep: You're involved in many television shows. Have you filmed anything at Santos Party House?

Andrew W.K.: I filmed an entire talk show there one day for Adult Swim. That's when I was working with Adult Swim and they had me make a special appearance on an episode of 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force.' From that, we started filming the talk show idea. We turned the whole upstairs of the club into 'Sally Jessy Raphael.' I had a heated audience on bleacher seats, and a stage area down below on a lower level, just like you see on 'Jerry Springer.' I was talking with guests about all sorts of crazy stuff.

Then the other day we filmed some stuff for Fuse TV. They have been very supportive of the club. We always want the place to be seen. Whether bands want to film there or people want to do TV shows...we did film some other part of a TV show. The Kardashians wanted to film there. We actually said no to that. It was only because we didn't feel it was fair. We wanted to get something out of it. But we're big fans of theirs anyways. We're happy they wanted to shoot there. We wanted it to feel like one of those nightclubs that is in some kind of a crazy movie where the characters go into a night club and one guy goes 'hey let me do the talking and keep your mouth shut.'

There are all sorts of people and crazy music and all dark. That's my definition of going out at night. You want to be out of your element but still comfortable. A sense of danger but yet also a sense of great excitement and possibility and surrounded by friends.

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