Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda's difficult journey (documented in 2007's film 'Heavy Metal Baghdad') sees a triumphant light at the end of the tunnel while the New York City-residing refugees announce the completion of their debut EP, 'Only the Dead See the End of the War.'

With Alex Skolnick of Testament/Tran-Siberian Orchestra on production and Josh Wilbur -- who has worked with Lamb of God, Hatebreed and System of a Down -- engineering, the subjects of the 2007 eye-opening Vice documentary have announced a March 9 release for their Vice Records debut.

Already being dubbed 'ferocious war metal,' Acrassicauda's four-song EP is highly anticipated amongst the metal community. Skolnick sums it up by saying, "The guys in Acrassicauda value metal enough to face insurmountable odds just for the freedom of playing it." While Neurosis mainman Scott Kelly poignantly enlightens, "In their heart and sound they walk beside Mastodon, Slayer and the rest of us, in their spirit and soul they are much more akin to people like Malcolm X, Bobby Sands, and all people who stand up righteously in the face of tyrants."

Vice has been documenting the struggles and triumphs of the Iraqi metal band for the past six years. Responsible for the internationally acclaimed documentary, they have also released an accompanying book, 'Heavy Metal in Baghdad: The Story of Acrassicauda,' which extensively chronicles the lives of the quartet from their childhood in war-torn Iraq to life in relocation in the United States.

Vice Records has also made the song 'Garden of Stone' available for free download.

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