When I saw Indian live a few months ago in their hometown of Chicago, I was thoroughly impressed. It seemed like a completely different band from the one that recorded 'Slights and Abuse/The Sychophant' and 'The Unquiet Sky,' their two previous full-lengths. The new material seemed significantly more violent and aggressive than the old.

"The change in our sound has been due to a few things," guitarist Will Lindsay (Nachtmystium, ex-Wolves in the Throne Room, ex-Middian) tells Noisecreep. "For starters, it's the first material I've been involved in writing for the band. Also, the band isn't interested in rehashing old records or being concerned about staying confined to a certain genre. I feel that the differences between 'The Unquiet Sky' and 'Slights and Abuse/The Sychophant' has shown that in the past. After some of the music I've been involved with in the last few years, it's a very liberating feeling to not be concerned about genres or previous releases."

To go along with their forward progress artistically, the band has also found a new home in Relapse Records. "We recorded a few songs last October with the idea of having something to submit to a few labels that the five of us liked," Lindsay explains. "Relapse was one of those few. Sanford Parker, who did that recording and will be doing the album, sent the recording to Relapse and they got in touch with us."

A major factor in Indian's live show is the wall of sound created by their backline of Emperor full stacks. The band's roasting live volume -- and not trebly, painful volume like so many mediocre metal bands, but rather full, rich, dark volume that only quality amplification and musicians who know how to use it can create -- is the vehicle by which Indian deliver their messages of hate and misanthropy. "Volume and tone are crucial facets of our sound," says Lindsay. "I feel it is also crucial towards the experience of seeing the band live. Before I joined the band, I got to see them several times from my old band touring and playing one-offs with them and the volume always helped really drive the point home for me."

Indian will be recording their as-yet-untitled Relapse debut this fall for release early in 2011.

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