With the 2003 formation of the Make Yourself Foundation, Incubus has displayed their passion for aiding a multitude of charitable efforts. Now the group have teamed up with Carbon War Room for the Ten Island Renewable Challenge.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $1 million to help build workshops on the island and find renewable energy models to take these areas off their dependency on imported fossil fuel. For a donation of $7,500, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd will give his 'Morning View' two million sales plaque. Guitarist Mike Einziger has also donated a pipa he played while on tour with band, and the instrument will go to the donor who offers a donation of $2,500.

The campaign's grand prize is the chance to meet Carbon War Room's leader Sir Richard Branson and attend the organization's New York City office launch event party in September. Each person who donates to the campaign will receive a select number of entries for the grand prize, and the winner will be chosen from a computer generated selection.

For fans who don't have thousands to spare, Incubus will thank five supporters who have donated $50 to Carbon War Room, and the personalized thank you will be posted on Twitter. The campaign is currently active and will be up on Urgency Network for 50 days.

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