An animated, CGI and thoroughly trippy version of Huntress' frontwoman Jill Janus will capture your attention in the band's new video for 'Zenith.' It's certainly quite a visual spectacle that will mess with your eyes.

It's somewhat animated and CGI-driven, like a comic book or a black light poster come to life. This clip will tickle your brain a little, so be sure that you're not hungover or sick to your stomach when you watch it, since the spinning stripes on Janus' body during some scenes will blow your mind.

She also dons a nun's habit. There's spaceships, a trail of blood tears and Janus even has horns. It's a colorful visual that lines up perfectly with the fast and furious song from the band's new album 'Starbound Beast.'

About the video, Janus told Bloody Disgusting, "You better pack your bongs now ‘cuz this is going to trip you the f--k out! Huntress is ecstatic about our new music video for ‘Zenith.' Director Phil Mucci is a visionary who brought our galactic hallucinations to life."

The frontvixen also took care to celebrate the fans, saying, "Huntress dedicates ‘Zenith’ to our fans who’ve inspired us on this path, and who continue to travel with us on our cosmic musical journey. Together we will smoke the galaxies and blaze a new future for true heavy metal!"