Get ready to see (and hear) a lot from Jill Janus in 2018. The Huntress vocalist may have "broken up with the Internet" a few months back, but did provide fans with an update as to where her music career stands as she enters 2018 and she's an early contender for one of year's busiest rockers.

"Many fans have asked when will Album 4 be released, when will we tour again? We're aiming for a fall 2018 release and headlining tour of North America. Europe and U.K. touring to follow. Huntress will be back in full beast mode for festival season 2019," stated the singer. But while Huntress may be first and foremost on the mind of her fans, that's not the only thing that will occupy her time in 2018.

She went on to reveal that she plans on working on a solo album, and has a wealth of collaborations in the works as well. "In addition to Huntress, I'm fronting The Starbreakers, an all-girl heavy metal coverband with guitarist Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, We Start Wars), guitarist Courtney Cox (Iron Maidens, Femme Fatale), bassist Emily Ruvidich (Paradise Kitty, Misty Day) and drummer Lindsay Martin (We Start Wars, Glam Skanks). Next show: January 18th at The Whisky in Los Angeles," continued the singer.

She added," I'm collaborating with Monte Pittman (ex-Prong guitarist and current guitarist for Madonna) and producer/sound engineer Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Antrax). Our project is a life goal I'm finally close to accomplishing. I'm also composing a very exciting project with Angus Clark, lead guitarist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and DareDevil Squadron. Our project will be announced early next year. And ... expect a solo project that I've been writing absolutely on my own, which is challenging considering I've always relied on my Huntress bandmates as songwriting partners."

Janus also revealed that she's lending her voice to a live action film called Realm of the Damned as the commander vampire Athena, while the film will also include David Vincent and Dani Filth as well. And she continues to work on Heshette, her occult-themed jewelry line, during her downtime from music. "I've gotta stay busy or I get into trouble," said the singer after running down her packed 2018 checklist.

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